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  • Herb in a Bag - CHILLI

    Herb in a Bag - CHILLI


    Product Description

    - No need for a Garden, we grow in our Bag!
    - Great for kids and big kids alike!
    - Plant a herb garden in your kitchen or on your balcony.
    - Nothing tastes better than homegrown goodness - start small (but great) with Herb in a Bag.

    Do you like it HOT!!  Well, these aren't the hottest chillies around but they do add a nice subtle punch to any dish.  They contain carbs, Vitamin A and Vitamin C and may be used in herbal remedy preparations for congestion, headaches and muscle pains.  Delicious cooking staple for spicy condiments and dishes.


    • Organic Australian Chilli Seeds
    • Growing Medium
    • Directions for Planting and Care
    • Leak Proof Planting Bag (170 mm high x 160mm wide)
    • Postage included

    All seeds are sourced from Australia (Green Harvest and/or Eden Seeds), and both are organic and non GMO.
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