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  • Herb in a Bag - Chives

    Herb in a Bag - Chives


    Product Description

    - No need for a Garden, we grow in our Bag!
    - Great for kids and big kids alike!
    - Plant a herb garden in your kitchen or on your balcony.
    - Nothing tastes better than homegrown goodness - start small (but great!) with Herb in a Bag.

    Chives add a subtle onion flavour to any dish.  No need to cook these wonderful little delights, just finely chop and sprinkle!  Chives are easy to grow and will sprout in 5-7 days.  Did you know Chives were found in China some 4000 years ago, and brought to the West by Marco Polo.



    • Organic Australian Chive Seeds
    • Growing Medium
    • Directions for Planting and Care
    • Leak Proof Planting Bag (170mm high x 160mm wide)
    • Postage included

      All seeds are sourced from Australia (Green Harvest and/or Eden Seeds), and both are organic and non GMO


      Due to Quarantine Laws we are unable to mail this pack to Western Australia or Tasmania, because they contain seeds.  If you would like to receive the packs, minus the seeds, please contact us

      (via the Contact page) and we will arrange.

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