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  • Herb in a Bag - Basil

    Herb in a Bag - Basil


    Product Description

    - No need for a Garden, we grow in our Bag!
    - Great for kids and big kids alike!
    - Plant a herb garden in your kitchen or on your balcony.
    - Nothing tastes better than homegrown goodness - start small (but great!) with Herb in a Bag.

    Apart from tasting absolutely divine and having so many culinary uses, Basil also has so many healing properties.  It’s said to sharpen memory, reduce fevers, help with sore throats and stress levels – the list goes on!  Basil is perfect in a summer salad or wonderful Italian pasta.  It’s also a good source of Vitamin C.


    • Organic Australia Basil Seeds
    • Growing Medium
    • Directions for Planting and Care
    • Leak Proof Planting Bag (170mm high x 160mm wide)
    • Postage included

      All seeds are sourced from Australia (Green Harvest and/or Eden Seeds), and both are organic and non GMO


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