To Pot, or Not to Pot?

To Pot, or Not to Pot?

Bug invasions, bad weather, and other acts of nature are all part of having an herb garden. It goes without saying that these are not the only difficulties that can arise, but take heart in the fact that most of your contemporaries deal with the same problems from time to time. However, a great many things that go wrong in the herb garden can easily be avoided by using the following tip.


Tip #1 - Grow potentially invasive or aggressive plants in containers. 

Mints, horseradish, and Jerusalem artichokes are notorious for trying to take over the garden if they are grown in the ground. These herbs can also be rather impossible to eliminate once they are established. Therefore, placing these plants in containers can save you a great deal of aggravation. Gardeners should keep in mind that some aggressive plants have been known to jump their pots and take root in the ground so these specimens should be kept will trimmed. However, aggressive and invasive plants tend to vary by region which could be good or bad depending on your required outcome.