Rain Rain Go Away, Come Back Another Day

Rain Rain Go Away, Come Back Another Day

Bug invasions, bad weather, and other acts of nature are all part of having an herb garden. It goes without saying that these are not the only difficulties that can arise, but take heart in the fact that most of your contemporaries deal with the same problems from time to time. However, a great many things that go wrong in the herb garden can easily be avoided by using the following tip.

Tip # 2 - Make sure the plants have adequate drainage.

Puddles of water that refuse to dissipate can spell doom for any number of herbs, especially those of Mediterranean origin. If you have boggy yards you may want to grow most of your herbs in containers to avoid problems. Containers should have plenty of drainage holes and dense potting soils should generally be avoided. Adding washed playground sand or perlite to the potting mix can also help provide formerly swamped plants with adequate drainage. Sand and gravel also make good topdressings for water-soaked plants because they keep moisture away from the steams and reduce the risk of rot.