Harvesting Capsicum 101

Harvesting Capsicum 101

The easiest way to determine when to harvest your capsicum is size.  For long sweet capsicum this is at least 10cm in length and for bell capsicum it is a minimum 10cm long and 6cm wide.

Another great thing about capsicum is that you can harvest them at any colour.  The fruit will start as Green and change to Red.  However depending on the variety (which is called Cultivars) the other colours they can turn are Yellow, Orange, Purple or even Chocolate – that’s right, Chocolate ladies!  But don’t expect the same mouth explosion as the naughty version.

Back to the Green and Red variety, it’s a good idea to pick a few early Green fruit as it encourages further fruit production.  New fruit growth slows down when the capsicum starts turning Red so it’s a good idea to pick them Green early in the season and towards the end of summer, leave the last few to turn Red.

Don’t be confused; Capsicums or not like Tomatoes.  If you pick them Green they will not turn Red.  If you prefer Red to Green fruit let them turn colour on the bush before harvesting.

Fresh and eaten straight after harvesting is best however uncut capsicum will store in the fridge for a few weeks.  If you have a huge harvest they will also freeze (seeds removed) in portions for a lovely late summer Capsicum Rice head over to my Eats page for the recipe.  Alternatives could be my Stuffed Capsicum or a tasty fresh ratatouille.